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   Whiz and Steam Hotel Case Study

How the first hotel in Northern Europe, increased efficiency by introducing Whiz to their cleaning team.


The Steam hotel in Västers, Sweden, has 18 floors and 227 bedrooms, along with restaurants and bars placed on the first and top floors. There are also sizable meeting spaces.

The cleaning staff needed to boost cleaning productivity and efficiency due to the scale of all of their public spaces, so they hired Whiz.

Steam hotel had broad, open spaces that required frequent cleaning to maintain the high standard of guest service they strive to provide.

As the first hotel in Northern Europe to adopt a robotic technology like Whiz, they were honoured and delighted to introduce Whiz to their cleaning staff.

Whiz was perceived as being straightforward and simple to use, which also gave the impression that they were an innovative hotel.

The majority of their cleaning team are now less stressed and more assured about cleaning the entire hotel, especially all the open spaces. They are now inspired to discover how Whiz may simplify their daily cleaning activities so they can concentrate on other tasks.

According to the hotel, Whiz's work at Steam Hotel reduced the amount of weekly and monthly cleaning required. In addition, they reduced ergonomic risk, and they thought SoftBank Robotics Connect (the software used by Whiz) frequent updates were wonderful.

Overall, Whiz made their team very happy because it made their jobs easier and took care of the tedious tasks for them.Whiz attracted the attention of hotel guests and was considered "very cool."


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