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Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) that is only used in other than private households
or, in any case, is not usually used in private households (so-called B2B equipment) may not be
disposed via municipal collection centers.

SoftBank Robotics UK Limited offers its customers in Germany the opportunity to return their old B2B
WEEE purchased from SoftBank Robotics UK Limited for a fee to ensure the reuse, recycling and
environment-friendly disposal.

The service provided by SoftBank Robotics UK Limited is a standard service of pickup on site.
Products shall be ready for loading in cardboard or on a pallet outside in front of the parking field.
To arrange the return of an old B2B equipment, please use the WEEE return form [link here] and
send it completed to - email from producer- with the subject "WEEE B2B take-back for SoftBank
Robotics UK Limited".

Please contact SoftBank Robotics UK Limited directly if you have any questions about the costs of
your B2B WEEE take-back.

Download the document here