Meet Whiz, the collaborative cobot

Whiz is the cobotic vacuum sweeper that works with cleaning teams to build happier, healthier working environments. Whiz takes care of the vacuuming so that cleaners have more time for vital cleaning tasks.

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Why put your cleaners through heavy, laborious vacuuming when there’s now a smarter alternative?

Whiz is the first human inspired cobot – that means it’s operated by and works in harmony with your cleaning team. Once briefed, Whiz can memorise up to 600 cleaning routes and vacuum 1,500m2 of carpet on a single charge, leaving your cleaners free to focus on more skilled cleaning tasks. Team up with Whiz and discover a more efficient and healthier clean.

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Smarter benefits-blue-1Smarter cleaning

The days of long manual vacuuming are over. The cobotics evolution means these tasks can now be automated with smart cleaners like Whiz.

Performance benefits-blue-2Performance

Whiz outperforms manual vacuum cleaners. It carries out a deeper carpet clean to consistently high standards that you can track and monitor.

Productivity benefits-blue-3Productivity

Whiz is consistent and efficient every time. Less vacuuming means your existing cleaning team can spend more time on more vital cleaning and sanitising jobs.

benefits-blue-4Health & wellbeing

Whiz supports your staff, taking on the heavy manual vacuuming they dislike. They enjoy their jobs more, leading to less absenteeism and it creates a healthier, more hygienic environment.

Ease of use

Whiz works straight out of the box and is easy to manage and maintain. A remote notification pager alerts your cleaners if Whiz has finished a route or needs help.

Whiz lessens the impact of gaps in the workforce, achieving up to 100% vacuum coverage, 100% of the time with the combined effort of Whiz and a cleaner.

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How to get Whiz

Whiz is available through our distributors offering flexible commercial options, fast servicing and support, so you know Whiz always performs at its best.

To select your nearest distributor, select from our Partners page.


Whiz is powered by BrainOS, the robotic industry’s leading intelligent, self-driving technology and once taught is capable of navigating complex environments safely.

Find out more about Whiz Connect here

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