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As office spaces reinvent themselves, the on-site employee experience must be reimagined to meet and exceed employee expectations for health, safety and comfort.

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A team comprised of Softbank Robotics, H3 Dynamics and Bouygues Energies & Services has won the 2023 i-FM Technology in FM Award.

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The Revolution will be digital.  The labour shortage in the hospitality and leisure isn't going away. Read more below.

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Global Banking and Finance Review

Shaping the employee experience through cobotics and other technology.

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SoftBank Robotics UK and Keenon Robotics Announce Strategic Partnership for EMEA to Launch Automated Tray Delivery Solutions



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Labour shortage outranks cost margins as biggest obstacle to FM service delivery.





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Robots were everywhere on the Softbank Robotics stand. There was even a robot tasked with bringing people refreshments from a nearby café.


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Labour sourcing is the top obstacle for FM professionals when providing cleaning services of the right quality, according to a new report by SoftBank Robotics EMEA, a leader in collaborative robotics (cobotics).

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A world leader in humanoid robotics, explains the results of a recent study to establish the effects of vacuuming on airborne particulates.


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SoftBank Robotics deploys a smart cleaning innovation, Whiz, which is suited for busy environments such as hotels, offices, healthcare and airports.

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SoftBank Robotics explain how collaborative robots have a part to play in creating destination workplaces.



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