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SoftBank Robotics EMEA in Hospitality

Empower your facilities and catering teams to do more with our large portfolio of service robots and provide guests with an efficient, modern and pleasant experience.



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Use our robots to serve your guests better, faster and efficiently

Your guests expect a thorough service in the hospitality sector than ever before. And they want to know what you’re doing to create an efficient and faster serving service. But catering and facilities teams struggle to keep up with all demanding's taks and additional responsibilities like deep cleaning, taking new hotel restaurant bookings, and being attentive. 

Our cobot robots are here to help your team do more by offloading, repetitive and time-consuming tasks like serving food to multiple tables efficiently, vacuuming hallways and common areas. This will allow your team to spend more time to focus on offering a good quality service that guests now expect. Furthermore, seeing our modern cobots in action shows your guests that you are committed to innovation and safety. 



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A revolution in hotels and hospitality


By adding our service robots to support your hotel staff, you'll demonstrate your investment in health and safety, as well as receiving:

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Improvement in efficiency through automation of repetitive tasks.
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Less airborne dust allergens.
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An increase in guest cleanliness and satisfaction scores.

Deliver a Safe & Healthy Hotel Guest Experience

1. Contactless

By utilizing our commercial service robots, you can now successfully minimize direct contact between facilities staff and guests to reduce the risk of transmission of viruses.

2. Accurate

Take the guesswork out of your cleaning protocols. Our service robots can not only provide consistent cleaning by 99.8% area coverage and 99.9% pathogen removal, but also our robots' navigation technology offers location accuracy to enhance guest service.

3. Smart

Leveraging the latest artificial intelligence, our service robots are always getting smarter. Our extended robot portfolio adapts to changes in real-time and can easily handle modifications to programmed routes.

4. Visible

Hotel guests appreciate seeing innovative service robots in action. It gives your guests visual proof of your commitment to innovation and safety. At the same time it demonstrates your commitment to your guests' wellbeing and your willingness to be more productive and offer guest satisfaction.

5. Proven

Trusted by leading hospitality brands, our technology is backed by a proven roadmap for success, enabling fast adoption and immediate results in any hospitality space.

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Case Study: Guest Cleanliness Scores Climb 90% With Whiz On The Team

At the Hilton Garden Inn, located in Gilroy, California, Whiz has become a valuable member of the cleaning team. Since adding Whiz, guest cleanliness scores jumped to 90% in just a few months. The hotel credits this to Whiz by allowing the cleaning teams more time to focus on finer cleaning details that guests notice.

“The team couldn’t be happier with Whiz. The results have far exceeded our expectations. It really allows us more time to take care of the small details...” David McLoughlin, general manager, Hilton Garden Inn Gilroy.

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