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Customer Demand for Tech in Hospitality is Growing, and Cobots Can be Part of the Mix

Technology has become firmly embedded in the hospitality experience, with the pace of adoption accelerated during Covid as a solution to reduce human contact.

The robot revolution - will you be part of it?

While the notion of robots delivering dishes to tables in a restaurant might be an alien concept to many in Europe, in Japan - Softbank’s home - it’s seen as quite the norm.

How to Keep Hotel Guests Happy? It’s all About the Four C’s

Anyone who works in hotel operations will know the importance of concentrating on “the three C’s” of the guest experience - Communication, Convenience and Choice.

Could Cobots be the Saviour of Summer Trading?

Summer is just around the corner, and that means busy times ahead for hotels, particularly in Europe and the US. But with a persistent shortage of staff which has afflicted hospitality since the…

SoftBank Robotics, NEXT FM & Gegenbauer bring robotic solutions to workplaces.

Germany, March, 2023 – SoftBank Robotics, in partnership with NEXT FM Robotics, are together with Gegenbauer, a leading supplier of facilities management services, introducing innovative robotic…

A consistent approach vs an intense approach to commercial cleaning?

Cleaning companies provide varying levels and types of cleaning services. Some cleaning companies may provide a consistent approach to cleaning, which involves regularly scheduled cleaning services…

The importance of air quality in the workplace.

Air pollution is a major environmental health risk that affects people worldwide. Exposure to high levels of air pollution can cause a range of health problems, including respiratory diseases, heart…

Improving social equality and the image of cleaning and hygiene.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, front line staff played a crucial role in keeping communities safe and healthy. This includes healthcare workers, essential workers, and cleaning professionals.

Top technology trends 2023

What is the purpose of technology? A CEO will probably tell you its purpose is to drive growth. A scientist may say it allows them to make new discoveries. A doctor may say that it saves lives. At…

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