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Keenbot T8 Tray Delivery Robot

Your reliable, cost-effective tray delivery serving assistant, providing a flexible, fast and exceptional guest experience.

Keenbots' T8 potential will allow you to:


Attract new customers

Keenbots' T8 multimodal interaction incorporates voice, lightning and animation to entertain customers and offers a more intuitive pickup prompt.


Increase profitability

Businesses with limited space will now be able to carry more food and increase the average revenue per guest.


Reduce labour costs

All our automated service robots are here to help you reduce your business labour cost, lower overtime and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Increase capacity to service clients, and improve table turnaround

Keenbot T8 has a 300 degree tray access, allowing flexibility access to tray contents.


Enhance customer experience

Leaving staff with more time to focus on customer needs (leading to higher levels of gratuity).


Be flexible

Keenbot T8 new intelligent obstacle avoidance feature allows a smooth pass in ultra-narrow paths, allowing businesses to fit Keenbot T8 all shape and size locations and provide a safer travelling obstacle avoidance.

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Ensure stability

Keenbot T8 has a sophisticated magnalium support & steel body, ensuring stability and safety.
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Achieve flexibility and increase serving capacity

The 300 degree tray access allows flexible access to tray contents, offering flexibility and increasing serving quantity to adapt to customers needs.
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Increase your delivery capabilities

The battery life of Keenbot T8 is 13-16 hours, allowing businesses to serve more people for longer periods of time.
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Protect your staff members

Keenbot T8 intelligent obstacle avoidance feature keeps staff members and customers safe and comfortable around the unit.
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Model Keenbot T8
Product Size (WxDxH) 462mm x 384mm x 1096mm
Product Weight 35kg
Number of Layers 3 trays (fixed)
Load Capacity 20kg (5kg first two layers) (10kg for bottom layer)
Minimum Passage Width Laser 60cm, Tag 55cm
Battery Life* >14 hours
Charging Time 5 hours
Operating System Android (interaction) Linux (Control)