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   OMNI facilities management, Sheraton Heathrow Hotel & Whiz Case Study

Whiz working with cleaning crews in the hospitality sector.


The Sheraton Heathrow Hotel is a premium four-star hotel situated in close proximity to Heathrow Airport in London, England.

René Morgen, General Manager of Sheraton Heathrow, believes that while the hotel industry is people-driven, high-tech solutions can assist their team in providing better service to guests.

With over 500 guest rooms and 1.6 kilometers of corridors to maintain, keeping the hotel's public areas spotless was a significant challenge. To ensure that they could provide the finest service possible, the hotel chose to utilise robotics to keep the corridors and guest rooms clean.

The Softbank Robotics vacuum cleaner, Whiz, was a natural fit for the hotel because they required a vacuuming solution that was not only efficient for their staff but also quiet enough to allow for daytime cleaning of guest rooms and corridors.

Steve Foster, CEO of Omni facilities management, notes that incorporating Whiz into their cleaning routine has significantly reduced the amount of dust in the hotel's corridors and guest rooms. He believes that robotics are the future and is pleased that his team members have welcomed Whiz as a valuable addition to their team.

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