Whiz and KMD Case Study

How Denmark's biggest software company, KMD, hired "Robert," their Whiz Robot, to create a better work environment for their employees.


KMD is one of Denmark's leading software and IT enterprises. Their team struggled to keep their facilities clean. It was very time consuming, as they had only six and a half hours to clean 647 tables, 30 restrooms, and ten kitchens.

The team required the assistance of a "cleaning helper" to provide them with time and the relief they needed to focus on other cleaning areas, so they hired "Robert", their Whiz robot.

KMD struggled to recruit new employees in Denmark to clean their large spaces. After an extensive recruitment process, KMD identified the right people for the position. Their goal was to keep their new employees as comfortable and happy as possible.

New technologies, such as Whiz, helped them retain employees by making cleaners feel less stressed and more satisfied with their jobs. Whiz was instantly accepted into the cleaning crew and given the nickname "Robert" by the cleaners.

Overall, cleaners had a better working experience and a smoother job. They were happier at work and were excited to have a new team member to support them. In addition, the cleaning assistants were relieved because Whiz reduced their workload and allowed them to focus on other cleaning tasks.

Whiz alleviated cleaners' stress at KMD, resulting in a considerable positive influence on their day-to-day tasks. They were laughing more, and the environment felt happier. At the same time, because cleaners were pleased with Whiz, KMD was able to boost staff retention by providing better job satisfaction and cleaners were proud of using Whiz.


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