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   Whiz and DSS Case Study

Discover how Whiz helped DSS to make their current roles more exciting and attractive for new employees.


DSS is a Norwegian Government Agency located in the centre of Oslo. Whiz was found to be a solution to DSS's difficulty of hiring and keeping skilled employees. New technology such as Whiz made their current employees jobs more interesting, and new DSS cleaning roles more attractive.They needed an innovative solution to attract new staff and retain their existing team members.

They were looking for an attractive, exciting, easy and helpful solution for their cleaners, and they found Whiz.

They were motivated to be early adopters of new cleaning technology in order for their cleaning personnel to learn and be receptive to future technologies.

DSS enjoyed that Whiz gave statistics to help them determine which areas required cleaning, and they considered the data aspect to be really useful.

Whiz was able to assist with hoovering DSS's large open spaces, allowing staff to focuss on other task such as deep cleaning.

Whiz not only assisted DSS in recruiting new trained employees, but it also enhanced pride as professional cleaners, and promoted staff retention.

DSS found the Whiz data (provided by SoftBank Robotics Connect) to be useful because it allowed them to track how much work space was cleaned and when it was cleaned.

Overall, cleaners thought having a robot was exciting and that it offered some interesting insight to their daily work. Cleaners found it incredibly handy that they could manage Whiz remotely, saving time and allowing them to focus on deeper cleaning.


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