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   Whiz and Asito Hospital Case Study

Learn how Whiz reduced the physically demanding aspects of hospital employees' jobs while increasing patient and employee satisfaction.


Asito is a Northwest Hospital in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

The hospital was looking for an innovative solution that could create an ergonomic working environment, to increase employee satisfaction. They also wanted to move more towards visible cleaning, as seeing someone cleaning gives a sense of security and confidence, so they hired Whiz.

Long corridors are common in hospitals, and Asito is no exception. Every day, Asito corridors must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure hygiene standards and meet patient expectations.

Hoovering was a physically difficult and time-consuming activity for Asito Hospital and Whiz fixed that. With Whiz, Asitos' cleaning crew had more time to focus on other important cleaning tasks, such as running additional disinfection rounds.

Asito Hospital wanted to integrate new technology in order to position itself as an innovative hospital, thus Whiz was the ideal choice. Whiz replaced a lot of repetitive tasks at the hospital that were physical and demanding for Asito Hospital employees. It also provided patients with tangible proof of cleanliness, and assisted Asito Hospital in demonstrating that the hospital cared about keeping their communal areas clean. By demonstrating that the hospital maintained regular cleaning, all patients and staff members felt save.

Overall, Whiz generated a positive response and caught the curiosity of both patients, employees, and doctors.


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