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   Renaissance Paris La Défense Hotel, W3 & Whiz Case Study

How Whiz and W3 helped LCS Cleaning and the Renaissance Paris La Défense hotel to streamline their cleaning and offer round the clock room service to guests.


The Renaissance Paris La Défense is a 4* hotel located in the heart of Paris.

Pierre Brochard, General Manager at the hotel, is passionate about ensuring that the hotel leverages the latest technology to improve efficiency for staff and guests. A vision that is shared by their partner, LCS Cleaning.

Together, they wanted to reduce the time it took to clean the corridors and 1000 square metres of meeting space and expand the room service offering.

Whiz, SoftBank Robotic’s autonomous vacuum sweeper, enabled the spaces to be vacuumed more quickly and more frequently, whilst enabling staff to get on with other tasks.

The hotel was also one of the first in Europe to use SoftBank Robotics’ W3 tray delivery robot to provide 24 hour room service.

The real-time data collected by both Whiz and W3 have enabled Renaissance Paris La Défense and LCS Cleaning to measure productivity and use that data to further improve efficiency. 


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