TBS, ISS & Whiz Case Study

Whiz's experience working with cleaning crews in a banking institution..


TSB Bank plc is a retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom and a subsidiary of Sabadell Group. TSB operates a network of 220 branches across the country. Its headquarters are located in Edinburgh.

Throughout the pandemic, the world was focussed on infection control, and in turn, cleanliness of facilities. The cleaning industry arguably has never been more the focus, and despite national (and international) lockdown, cleaning teams were still hard at work, trying to ensure the safety of the wider general public. As the UK Government acknowledges, regular cleaning played (and plays) a vital role in the transmission of COVID-19.* But with the same cleaning staff, or even less than before, how could cleaning teams cope with the extra challenges COVID-19 presented? *https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19- decontamination-in-non-healthcare-settings/covid-19- decontamination-in-non-healthcare-settings

Robotic solutions helped to bridge the gap between the labour shortage, and also the increased need for sanitised and clean spaces. Whiz, the autonomous vacuum cleaner, added support when needed most. For the likes of ISS, who continually strived to keep customers safe and well during the pandemic, this was important.

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