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Le Meridien Etoile Paris hotel & Whiz Case Study

Learn how Whiz is enhancing hospitality at Le Meridien Etoile Paris hotel to improve employee wellbeing and guest satisfaction.

Le Meridien Etoile Paris, a big hotel in France, faced the challenge of maintaining consistent high-quality service for guests across its 1,025 rooms and extensive common spaces. The labor-intensive task of cleaning long corridors was exhausting for the staff, leading the hotel to seek innovative solutions to enhance guest happiness and improve employee job satisfaction.

To address these challenges, the hotel introduced SoftBank Robotics' Whiz vacuum cleaner robot, deploying eighteen robots throughout the premises. Fifteen Whiz robots were dedicated to corridor cleaning, while three focused on maintaining common areas and seminar rooms. This strategic integration allowed the hotel staff to concentrate on more specialised tasks, while the robots efficiently managed the cleanliness of the hallways.

The impact was twofold: the introduction of Whiz robots not only elevated the overall cleanliness standards, ensuring a pleasant experience for guests, but also significantly increased the staff's happiness. By alleviating the burden of repetitive corridor cleaning, employees could redirect their efforts towards more fulfilling responsibilities, resulting in improved job satisfaction. The implementation of these robots optimised operational efficiency, reduced stress on the staff, and enhanced the quality of guest services, marking a notable revolution in the hotel's operations.

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