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   Keenbot T5 and Tokyo Ramen Takeichi Case Study

How Keenbot has successfully collaborated with restaurant teams.


Nippon dining has 7 ramen restaurants in Germany and Holland. Their aim is to produce authentic Japanese food as well as authentic Japanese service culture, so the product has to be good, but also the customer service has to be very very good. The most important thing is how their customer perceives the food and the service quality of their restaurant.

Because of the distance from the kitchen to the dining room, staff were spending too much time delivering the food from the kitchen to the customer, and also bringing empty dishes back to the kitchen. It was also very exhausting for staff working long shifts to carry very heavy trays of ramen dishes (which can easily weigh 5-6kg per tray) over 30 metres or more.

By employing a Keenbot robot, they were able to put all of the focus on the customer. This also helped with cost savings, as they now use one person less to go and get the dishes and take the empty dishes back to the kitchen. Plus their staff were able to focus more on the customer and increase the sales of food and drink.

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