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What Makes Whiz Different from Other Cobots?

Whiz, the collaborative robot, allows your staff to work smarter, and safer. Our cobotic vacuum cleaner collaborates with humans to help create a healthier environment for employees and customers. 

What Is a Cobot?

A collaborative robot, or cobot, is designed to coexist peacefully in proximity with people. Cobots are ideal for physical activities like cleaning floors and distributing food products. Since they are designed to operate alongside people as an efficient partner, they free up human personnel to concentrate on more suitable tasks and to ensure businesses offer the best customer service possible. 

Modern cobots include built-in sensors that can look out for dangers and safety issues and navigate successfully another course around them. 

What Makes Whiz Different from Other Cobots?

Whiz is the first human-inspired cobot that is easy to use, offers a variety of commercial solutions, is capable of memorising complex navigation, and is capable of reducing hazardous particles.

The Whiz automatic vacuum cleaner is simple to set up, operate, and maintain and works straight out of the box. Your cleaners are informed via a remote notification pager if Whiz has completed a route or requires more assistance. With the help of a collaborative robot and a cleaner, Whiz reduces the effects of personnel gaps in the workforce by reaching up to 100% vacuum coverage, 100% of the time.

Whiz is driven by BrainOS®, the top intelligent, self-driving technology in the robotics sector. Once trained, Whiz is competent to successfully navigate challenging environments safely.

In addition to this, Whiz:
•    Boosts performance
•    Increases productivity
•    Promotes health & happiness

Boosts Performance
Whiz operates better than traditional vacuums. Whiz uses cutting-edge cobotic technology to deep clean carpets to consistently high standards that you can watch and monitor, freeing up cleaners to work on other projects.

Increases Productivity
Whiz automatic vacuum cleaner increases employee productivity since it is consistently reliable and effective. Your current cleaning crew will have more time to work on more important cleaning and sanitising tasks if there is less vacuuming.

Promotes Health & Happiness
Whiz assists your workers by performing the strenuous manual vacuuming they usually have to perform. Staff can spend more time enjoying their work by employing an autonomous vacuum cleaner, which reduces absenteeism.

Whiz establishes itself as a staple cobotic vacuum cleaner, ideal for practically any environment and industry, by reducing hazardous particles by an average of 53%, enhancing occupant well-being by making the workplace safer and cleaner for both employees and visitors.

Find out more about Whiz here: https://emea.softbankrobotics.com/cleaning/whiz 

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