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The Collaboration Between Robots And Staff.

A discussion with James Ravenscroft, Head of Sales UK&I at SoftBank Robotics.

One of the thought-provoking debates around the hospitality industry is whether robots replace people or are there to support people. Does the level of service improve because of the use of robots, and does it allow staff to be more interactive with guests, to create higher satisfaction levels?
On the 9th of November, EP Business and Hospitality was delighted to host an interactive seminar at Little Ship Club. James Ravenscroft, Head of Sales in UK&I for SoftBank Robotics, joined EP to discuss the collaboration between robots and staff.

There is a concern that the widespread introduction of robots in principle will replace humans within the workplace. James spoke on this subject, expressing that “co-bots” are there to collaborate with humans by supporting and complementing services that we offer. Ultimately by implementing "co-bots", you free up staff’s time enabling them to focus on engaging with guests to make a better customer experience.

There is a real understanding in the industry that technology is the way forward to reduce costs and protect margin all whilst improving services. Welcoming robot integration is a way of collaboration and from it we can wield many positives for the industry.

Thanks to EP Business & Hospitality for a great event.  Hear James talking about the use of robotics within the industry here:



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