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SoftBank Robotics UK and Bunzl Distribution Announce Strategic Partnership for Spain to Launch range of Robotic Solutions.


The two companies will help accelerate the deployment of robotic solutions throughout Spain. 

London, February, 2023 – SoftBank Robotics UK (SBRUK), the EMEA arm of the global leader in collaborative robotics (cobotics), today announced a strategic partnership with Bunzl Distribution Spain, a leading supplier of janitorials, tissue paper, chemicals, PPE & Safety workwear, cleaning machinery, personal care, catering disposable and professional tableware. The strategic partnership will expedite the deployment of robotics’ solutions across many sectors in the Spanish region such us Lodging, Facility Care, Healthcare, Food Service, Catering, Industrial or Retail. 

As staffing and recruitment issues continue across many sectors, the partnership will look to integrate service robots to provide both short term and long-term solutions to these problems, as well as helping improve guest satisfaction in locations such as hotels and catering establishments and in the cleaning industry in general. There is a huge opportunity for businesses to now embrace new technologies and adopt new business models in order to drive both employee engagement, retention, and increase productivity.   

“We are excited to work in partnership with Bunzl Distribution Spain. With more than 35 years of experience in the Spanish hygiene and cleaning industry, and a market leader, we look forward to helping them demonstrate how robotic solutions can provide greater productivity levels, and satisfaction for their customers,” said Stefano Bensi, General Manager of SoftBank Robotics UK.  

"This partnership is a firm commitment to a new growing technology very present in countries such as the United States & Asia and which we are sure will soon be consolidated in the European market. We are very proud of this collaboration with SoftBank Robotics UK, this will ensure us access the most cutting-edge portfolio & the best knowledge. We are sure that this alliance will bring many successes to Softbank Robotics, Bunzl Distribution Spain and to all our customers", said Daniel Tovar, Managing Director of Bunzl Distribution Spain. 

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