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Can Cleaning Robots Help Understaffed Industries?

All commercial buildings require regular cleaning, but neither business owners nor cleaning firms had anticipated a situation in which their operations would be simultaneously impacted by unprecedented demand and understaffing issues.

Can Cleaning Robots Help Human Staff?

Collaborative cleaning robots, or "cobots," are making their way into the commercial cleaning sector. Cobotics are collaborative in that they assist cleaners rather than taking their place. The monotonous and time-consuming cleaning duties that are usually taken on manually by human staff are automated by these advanced robotic cleaning devices.

With the hospitality industry constantly being struck with labour shortages, cobotics offer much-needed assistance as a solution that is designed to perform safely and effectively alongside staff, customers, and guests. Robotic cleaning machines can help you quickly address labour concerns, increase efficiency, and maintain a high standard of cleaning.

Businesses are benefiting from robotic floor cleaning technology in a variety of ways, including:

  • Conducting daily cleaning with consistency and reliability
  • Enhancing cleaning efficiency and giving real-time performance information
  • Reallocating workers to higher-value tasks to maximise labour
  • Encouraging positive employee engagement
  • Creating a spotless, safe workplace for customers and guests

Traditionally, these tedious chores have required cleaning staff to commit large sections of their workday. With a cobot on hand, however, staff have more time to do higher-value, more intricate jobs like touchpoint cleaning and are better equipped to handle reactive problems. They also free staff up to focus attention on delivering better customer service, which can result in a number of benefits for the business.
The era of labour-intensive manual vacuuming has ended. These tasks can now be automated thanks to the development of cobotics and smart cleaners like Whiz.

What Benefits Does Whiz Offer You?

Whiz is a robot vacuum that works with cleaning crews to make spaces happier and healthier. Vacuuming is handled by Whiz so that staff can concentrate on other, more crucial cleaning activities or customer service.
Commercial vacuum cleaning robots can bolster cleaning crews quickly and effectively in response to the need for a timely supply of workers. Staff can concentrate on disinfecting, putting new business continuity policies into place, improving customer service, and much more thanks to the 30% boost in overall cleaning efficiency that Whiz offers.

Whiz reduces the effects of labour shortages by attaining 100% vacuum coverage 100% of the time with the help of a cleaner. Whiz operates better than traditional vacuums, performing deep carpet cleans to continuously high standards that you can track and monitor. Whiz is always reliable and effective.

Whiz assists your workers by performing the strenuous manual vacuuming they dislike. They are more satisfied with their work, which reduces absenteeism and fosters a cleaner, healthier atmosphere.

On top of this, Whiz enhances the well-being of occupants by reducing hazardous particles in the air by 53% on average. Your energy, focus, performance, and productivity are all drastically improved by clean air. Not only will this help your staff work more effectively, but fighting indoor air pollution is crucial for keeping illnesses from spreading, maintaining good health, and providing better customer service.

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